Five kronoscopes have been presenting an original impression of the medieval Kisnána Castle since 2011. The Kompolti family, originating from the Aba tribe, started building their noble residence in the 1300s; it was later expanded into a castle by their relatives, the Guti Ország family in the time before the invasion of the Turkish. A large part of one of the residential towers and the castle church are still standing between the castle walls today, so it is easy to connect the original condition seen in the kronoscope to the spectacle of today’s ruins. Two kronoscopes stand in opposite corners of the courtyard, a third looks around inside the castle chapel, and the fourth and fifth show the fortress as it once looked from the southern rampart at different times. In this way visitors get an almost complete picture of the world in Kisnána in the 14–1500s

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The kronoscope on the courtyard of Kisnána Castle provides a 200-degree view of how it looked 500 years ago
(3D virtual reconstruction: Gergely Borgulya)

You can try out the kronoscopes in Kisnána Castle all year round (Kisnána, Béke út 5.).