Two of our ‘history-viewing’ devices have been in operation in the Roman town of Aquincum for seven years, these show what the settlement would have looked like during the reign of emperor Septimus Severus (around 370 AD). Their precise locations were selected by museum director, dr. Paula Zsidi, and her staff on the basis of archaeological considerations. One stands beside the old main museum building, from where you have a view of the large public baths, the Macellum market and the nearby craftsmen’s houses; the other is beside the present open-air theatre, from where you can see the lupanarium (brothel), the “twin-column” residential building and its peristylium courtyard.

Queue at a kronoscope in Aquincum

A third, new type, high-definition kronoscope was installed in spring 2012 on the artificial hill beside the new main museum building in order to provide a high point of view for displaying a panorama of the Roman town. You can use the kronoscopes during the open season of the Aquincum Museum ruins park, from the middle of April to the end of October (Budapest district 3, Szentendrei út 139.).